If you are looking for a truly open-hearted, transformational experience, then come spend time with Aumakua Healing. Specializing in transitions & support, we celebrate coming home to your true nature.  Specializing in Reiki, Birthing Support and Readings. (Distance sessions are available upon request) creation1love@gmail.com #(808) 769-7465

Authenticity and Alignment




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Certified Reiki Practitioner & Teacher                                                                                                     Courses & Mentoring, community programs

Certified Birthing Doula,


Distance Sessions and Wellness Counselling


It is my specialty to help you through transitions, spiritual integration and trauma care.

It is also an honour to offer pre/post natal care and Birthing Support to expectant mothers and families.

Come home to the true you! Empowered and aligned.

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#(808) 769-7465

Sessions & Courses offered on Big Island of Hawaii & BC West Coast, Canada.



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Tonya has been a guest on Voice America & BBS Radio with Paula Vail (Reiki-wisdom birthing, frequency upgrades, Why I’m so happy www.bbsradio.com/whyamisohappy). She also has been a repeat guest of Tyhson Banighen’s Podcast Wellness Show, (I-Tunes, You-Tube). Tonya also has several published freelance articles on Spiritual Health and Holistic Wellness, (Sedona Magazine and Now Agora and Reiki News Magazine).


Words and thoughts from Tonya Godin (as published in the Vernon Morning Star news)

Tonya Godin has returned from her travels and brings her healing knowledge to the North Okanagan After two decades away from Vernon, meditation teacher and inspirational speaker Tonya Godin has returned home. Registered in South Korea as one of the few internationally recognized female martial arts masters of Taekwondo, Godin is an expert in the …


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