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  •  Reiki
  • LomiLomi & Laulima: Hawaiian Massage
  •  Holistic Counseling
  • Meditation
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  • Taking appointments now in Fort Langley, BC
  • Reiki Level One (Usui)
  • July 21, 2019, Sunday 10am-5pm
  • Location: Fort Langley, BC
  • Certification course
  • For Details & to Register: creation1love@gmail.com with $ 50.00 deposit ($200.00 in total)

Reiki Share (Open)

August 4th, 6 to 8pm, Sunday

Venue: TAP SPIRIT, 9203D Glover Road, Langley

Please RSVP to Tonya at above Email



Hawaiian Traditional Healing: Heartworks LomiLomi & Laulima

What will this traditional massage do and feel like for me?

It’s a deeply transformational healing massage that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of you. Click here to read more


What will this traditional energy medicine do and feel like for me?

Reiki is a gentle restorative form of alternative medicine that complements all forms of medical practices. Reiki silences the mind and some people find that they fall into a deep state of meditation, while all pains and tensions begin to melt away. Click here to read more

Birthing Doula

What is a birthing doula?

A birthing doula is a woman who is a support and an advocate during the birthing process. She is your go-to person when you have questions and concerns prior to or after the birthing of your little miracle. She supports your partner, your children and any others that may be present as your team. In the days of old, our Aunties, Grandmothers, Sisterhood provided this support and education.

Well versed in the healing arts, meditation, and am a non practicing nurse its my pleasure to assist with home and hospital births. I completed training through the Wise Woman Way of Birthing, Gloria Lemay.

Its my pleasure to offer Reiki to promote ease, peaceful mind & decrease and discomfort during the later stages of pregnancy.

Remember You and your Beautiful Baby Can do This!! Generations of Grandmothers stand strong behind you since the Dawn of Time xo

Holistic Counseling

What can I expect during a session?

You will be seated during the session across or beside the practitioner. The practitioner will begin with a short mindful meditation, facilitating you to be in the present moment. You will then begin a journey within yourself… Click here to read more


  • Certified Reiki Practitioner & Teacher                                                                                      
  • Courses & Mentoring, community programs
  • Certified Birthing Doula,
  • LomiLomi
  • Distance Sessions and Wellness Counselling

Tonya Godin Aumakua Healing Owner


It is my specialty to help you through transitions, spiritual integration and trauma care. I am the founder of Aumakua Healing. With a background in nursing, my focus for the last decade is in holistic care. We can reclaim our balance and Be Well from any condition. I have witnessed ‘miracles’ in my clients and myself, over the years, that are too significant to ignore. It all begins with the will and thoughts around that will, conscious and unconscious.

I left my career in mainstream healthcare to open a Reiki practice. In October of 2011, I was well received in a National Conference held in Vancouver BC, for strategies in addressing suicide & depression.  The presentation centered around the benefits of energy healing, meditation and specifically: Reiki.

As science joins forces with the energy healing world, the body of evidence is now overwhelming in research based studies.

It’s also an incredible honour to support the sacred circle of life. Pre/post natal care and Birthing Support for expectant mothers and families. Wise Woman Way Certified Doula, Vancouver, Bc trained.

Tonya Godin Birthing-Reiki Doula
Reiki Doula: Birthing Support

Come home to the true you! Empowered and Aligned.

Questions & to book: creation1love@gmail.com


Sessions & Courses offered on Big Island of Hawaii & BC West Coast, Canada.



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Tonya has been a guest on Voice America & BBS Radio with Paula Vail (Reiki-wisdom birthing, frequency upgrades, Why I’m so happy www.bbsradio.com/whyamisohappy). She also has been a repeat guest of Tyhson Banighen’s Podcast Wellness Show, (I-Tunes, You-Tube). Tonya also has several published freelance articles on Spiritual Health and Holistic Wellness, (Sedona Magazine and Now Agora and Reiki News Magazine).


Words and thoughts from Tonya Godin (as published in the Vernon Morning Star news)

Tonya Godin has returned from her travels and brings her healing knowledge to the North Okanagan After two decades away from Vernon, meditation teacher and inspirational speaker Tonya Godin has returned home. Registered in South Korea as one of the few internationally recognized female martial arts masters of Taekwondo, Godin is an expert in the …


2 Locations

a) Home Office-Langley, BC

b) Inspire Women’s Fitness, Langley (Meditation Classes)

Email: creation1love@gmail.com

Distance appointments Available & and will travel to your location for Readings & Doula