T Bird Reflections Winter Solstice 2018

Harvesting Lady Comfrey Spring 2018. Monashees

On this Full Moon and Winter Solstice, I am reflecting upon my experiences of the Spring to Fall seasons. I have experienced the Blissful, like when I drove 3 hours to arrive at my favorite river, with pristine healing waters, far away from all people. I lay in her soothing water, replenished my soul, fed my body, and calmed my spirit and heart. The rocks made a small cradle to hold me in “healing arms” and river’s sacred waters washed me clean. I ate by her banks, but not before feeding Spirit world an offering of food from my canvas bag. The sun and medicine rocks warmed every cell of my Being, as Wind dried and brushed my hair.  I paid a great visit to a very old friend. We shared energy, laughter and love. Soon, I had to leave and get back to responsibilities and promises I made others, that really in the final analysis, have very little meaning under Sun’s and Stars’ witness.

I had interesting experiences this summer witnessing both aspects of inclusion and non inclusion….I Believe strongly in the Seeing and Knowing of Our Family Circle with all Medicine Colours included in the Oneness of rainbow teachings. All have their placement within the Vast Greatness; And all is mirrored Source. That said, there is also the belief that we witness all that we need to see when on a journey, so that we can reflect upon the outputting of the picture.

We are merely an extension of Life’s Love of ItselfThe Ultimate Love Affair of  which we all are part of and sum of the Whole.

I trust Plants, Rocks, Trees, Rivers and Lightning storms. I love the way a mountain is a Mountain is a Mountain and does not question its “Mountainess”. Mountain never  takes away from the grandness or Beauty of Rivers path that curves her way around Mountain, nor does River make herself any less ‘Rivery’ so that Mountain can feel more like Mountain.

On Euphoria: Standing on Earth Mother below Great Thunderbeings’ Lightening Storm, gulping in a deluge of raindrops. My lungs filled with the raw power of Winds howl. . I was pulled out of my Loft apartment by Thunderbeings’ Light… I felt Electric. I felt on Fire. I felt the water course through my Veins and the Blue Light sparkling out my fingertips.

On Lady Comfrey..People experienced her medicine and her love that healed ailments in their bodies, hearts and minds. Her sweetness is a balm for all manner of wounds. I was wonderfully moved by all who enjoyed the workshops and learning about her. I am in deep awe of her teachings, and her medicine.

Solar and Moon dance: My heart burst open each and every visit with the great Hawks and Owls. They cried and hooted to me and flew overhead and sat upon my porch . They looped and flew close hovering over my head and sat beside me in the quiet stillness of my moon filled nights.

There  have been anxious moments this past season around income. In tapping into that “Well” deep within; (connection to Universe), the mild anxious flutters always dissipated. Calm washed over me. Raven would circle and talk story or a Dragonfly would “step” forward whispering,  “We have your back, All is well,…we have your back. “

I was so exited to attend Gregg Braden’s 4 day conference at Sparkling Hill Resort in the Okanagan of BC.!  Suddenly was a last minute spot and ticket for me. I was told by the Event Organizer, “..not worry,  just get here and take care of monies later”.  My truck broke down the first day but I still found my way up to the top, thanks to a dear friend. Nothing was going to stop me! I would walk if I needed to! If things are meant to be and we SEE ourselves there and FEEL it in our Heart..Then Nothing will stop it from happening. Not even a “second guessing” nature.

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I walk as a free and sovereign Being as we all should. I sing and dance when I feel like it ,under Sun, Moon and Stars. My heart swells with such gratitude for the sheer joy of this ability. Some people of my ‘old life’ think I am very different now, while others believe that I was affected by near death experiences. Yet most say to me, they are in awe my fierceness in staying true to me. I believe though it is clearly part of my path and my destiny..but that in itself is another story day..

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It’s really all the same Dream…Let’s make it a Good One!

In the deep of the night when I cry or sing or laugh at my own coyote craziness, I am laughing because I love laughter, I love the sweet taste of my tears like honey on my cheeks. I love the the way stars twinkle in my room with the roof still on my house. I love the way I have goosebumps and my hair raises on my arms when I sing a song to the Spirits of this world. I love that I can say I am ultimately Free to wander Earth Mother knowing that I am from the Stars that seeded themselves here deep within her dark nurturing soil at the dawn of time.

May this Happy Winter Solstice be as deeply reflective for you my Beautiful Friend. LOVE LOVE LOVE with all your heart and never give up on Being Wildly Truly You!! Not for one second!

Aloha Nui Loa, T-Bird

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