Corona 2020 444 Gateway and the Pink Moon

Aloha. It has been awhile since I put out a newsletter or blogged. I feel this is a timely place to do so. We are in a transition period right now. Ever since the 444 portal opened there has been a transcending energy that corresponded thereafter to the Pink Full Moon. This moon was in Libra. My sign. I am not sure about you all but I felt it so deeply, more so than any other moon I quite recall. Other Light workers I know, that do work beautiful work, were also heavy hit by it. There has been a bubbling up from with in; all that which is to be sacrificed for the great healing. Many secrets, doors that have been previously shut, opened.

I found myself needing (once going through the portal of light) to go deep within my Den and nest quietly.

So lets talk about the portal itself. This occurred on April 4, 2020. I am not an astrologer nor a numerologist but I do flow intuitively with energy and numbers. 444 is a powerful sequence, assisting us to open as we go within. In trusting ourselves and the messages Whether through dreams or that inner gut knowing, we are able to re create our realty/ies and shift into a new paradigm. On 444, one pathway was breaking down as a new one opened. We are all feeling our way through. Let me stress that. FEELING our way. There’s really not a lot of room for brain centered activity to lead the way here. Lead with your heart centered cohesion together with the synchronicity of inner knowing.   (Check out Heart Math if you are struggling with this concept. My friend’s website, Dirk Terpstra, is a good source; )

All day on April 4th, I was in deep meditation. The sun was shining brightly as I soaked my entirety into nature, near the river and trees. So many eagles circled, low and high above me swooping and calling. Everything looked brighter, more vivid, much more colourful; shimmering. All my senses were sharper, keener. I felt I was floating in a bubble of pure essence bliss all day. (Any of you that know me closely would say I float in the bubble quite often anyway!) This was far more potent than the usual “Tonya norm”. At 444 (4:44pm PST) on 444 I was deep in meditation with my crystals and my friend, Matthew Kocel’s CD “Grace” playing (see ). During this journey, I chased the ‘dragons tale’ through another portal and beyond. The great transformer energy. To a place of wordless words <3. …………

Now I find myself re configuring in this new world. I spend my days gardening, singing and praying to Sun, Touching our mother earth with great reverence and making plant salves for peoples’ healing.

For quite sometime, a part of me has made it a great life walk, to deeply to remain un-tethered by the 3rd dimensional realm while I am here. To break the barriers of the worn out “programming”. I am in my body in the 3rd dimensional realm; yet I am not. I exist outside this time/space vehicle. That said, this Beautiful vessel that Is my Body, I realize is the deepest most profound gift; huge gratitude. I love my body! I marvel at its exquisite nature and the reflection of great central Sun, moon, stars and Earth heart relationship that is mirrored right here within me. The sacred breath of All Creation flows in and flows out of me like waves on the ocean. Since the moment of my first breath, after I emerged from a liquid pool within my mothers womb, I breathe creators breath. We all do! It is the same breath that Eagles wings soar within! The same breath that wind touches your face with. So here I am, from some distant shore, I am a miracle. Here. And yet, There as well, wherever There is. Timeless ever present, life. I am.

And so with this awareness, I venture forward, feeling my way through; leading with my heart and acting on the directives fed into my framework of knowing. Some things I have and will say no to, and other things I will entertain as long as they serve the highest good of all. I venture forwards as always, working in service. Many people right now are grappling to find their ways beyond the status quo. I know that all will be well. For I have already been here, at this very juncture in time and space <3 Faith, hope, and love. Walk your walk, dear ONEs. And remember to sing, surround yourself in music and move your body! Everything else flows from there. In Love, we raise each other up! Aloha nui loa.

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PS-a bit of scientific fact and lore for you: The Corona Borealis is a semi circle star constellation. According to Greek Mythology, this star constellation has quite a story behind how it came to Be. In the myth, Theseus finds his way out of a Labryrinth, (after he defeats the Minotaur), by following a red ball of string that the beautiful Ariadne, daughter of King Minos gifts to him. (She helped him because she had fallen in love)  I remember reading this myth when I was around 8 years old. I felt the story and could almost taste the air of Theseus’ land and time. (Hmmm, seems as though we are all finding our way out or have found! of that same Labyrinth.) Long story short, Theseus makes good on his promise to take Princess Ariadne away from Crete, only to leave her stranded on an island! The god Dionysus sees this and falls in love with her. Thus, the circlet of stars, known as the Corona Borealis, represents the crown of Ariadne that she wore on her wedding day to Dionysus. Peace love and good health to you all. See website:

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