Everything is Within

Everything is Within

This month for my Blog decided to invite my newsletter audience to share their experiences during the Covid “quarantine”. 3 beautiful ladies responded with amazing insightful and heartfelt responses. Allison, Naomi, and Storm. I have left their answers un-edited from their original Email responses. (One of these amazing ladies, Storm, happens to be my youngest daughter, or “Stormy” as she is known to everyone.)

Enjoy these women’s wisdoms, tools for calming your mind, shifting perspective, and opening your heart to Love. I for one, am overjoyed and full of gratitude for their voice and sharing their feeling thoughts here with us all <3.

*What have you learned about yourself during this past month or so?

Stormy: I’ve learned that I do well in quarantine!!! I think social distancing is something I needed, and something I’ll practice even when this is all over!!! taking a little break from the world and saying pause!! Hehehe

Naomi: A few times it has felt as if my world has slowed down and paused, and even re-wound. I got curious about a great-grandfather, I did a deep dive into my cultural history of religious isolation and othering. And becoming ok with not being ok with this. While experiencing some current paralleling, and then continually shifting into being part of something much greater than myself, part of the rest of humanity and everything that is. And trusting, instead of the frustration of a narrow focus. 

Allison: – I’ve learned so much it’s hard to put it all into words. If I speak in linear time, what I learned at first when the world started to shift into pandemic mode was that I wasn’t acknowledging my fear(s). I was ignoring the elephant in the room, so to speak. Once I acknowledge the presence of fear I was then able to move into acceptance that it is normal to live with it and transform that energy into moving forward with resilience, compassion and love. 

– I have learned that this past month or so has highlighted the opportunities available to be more creative, to set clear boundaries with myself and others in order to live the life I choose now and for my future. By going through the process of integrating a new way of life I am better able to serve my relationships and Community at large as a whole. I am more focused on the bigger picture of our global family and choices that create sustainability within our own power.

* What has been helpful for you in calming yourself and finding peace?

Allison: – Nature. Meditation. Self-reflection. Feeling all the feels. Connection. I saw these things because through allowing myself to feel emotions as they arise I am not ignoring them or covering them up in some fashion by an external. Acceptance can only come from acknowledgment, then deeper healing can occur to release perhaps old patterns and choices that were not serving me. To find and feel at peace I am always self-reflecting throughout the day, whether on a walk, or sitting on the patio enjoying the sounds of nature, or sitting in deep meditation. Observing, witnessing and allowing thoughts & feeling arise to the surface I can more easily find peace when I tap into the power within my heart. Cultivating the power of the heart also requires willingness to heal what’s in there. Although it is a challenging process it brings the most profound states of peace and calm. When I become active throughout the day, have to go to the store or spend more time on chores I can easily remember the feeling of calm and peace when I breathe through my heart.

–Connection with my Community locally has also made room for creating a network of appreciation and gratitude on a deeper level. I find peace in making choices that sustain my Community through purchasing local food, products and reducing need to go elsewhere for “things”.

Stormy: going for walks!!!! I never went out for walks before this, but now I do everyday😊

Naomi: Lots of walks with the trees and ravine, and spending lots of time with some mindfulness and meditations that have come my way. 

*Do you believe that there is something greater going on?

Stormy: ummmmm I’m not sure!! but if there is  it must have to do with the earth!! and us humans realizing that weeee are the virus:-( and hopefully things start to change for the better after this! less pollution less hate more looooveeeeeeee

Naomi: I don’t know. It certainly feels like something is going on in the universe. I tend to go with the theory that we are all part of a great unfolding evolution that’s constantly rolling forward in a self discovery of love through every direction possible. And then there’s the moments of magic, when everything slows and I am in awe, part of something much greater. I don’t know what’s going on, just trying to hold on to my seat and stay in the middle in this ride as dreams come true, hoping I can keep up. 

Allison: Nature is always working towards homeostasis. Note “working towards”. It takes constant effort of life and us as individuals to act upon choices that serve the greater good of all. Gather a tiny grain of sand and imagine the Cosmos in your hand. It only has power of you believe and I do believe indeed there is something greater going on because we are guided by Source, a higher power who knows way more than we think we know! The greater forces of polarity are always at work and what is happening here on earth is a cycle of cause and effect. Our choices, lifestyle and way we use our inherent powers has come to a time where we are struggling with the polarity of our creation. We must accept our influence and take ownership of our actions. The only way forward is with the first step towards a new future. The only way to create a new future is to do something differently. The current situation has given me plenty of opportunity to revisit, review and revise my goals and intentions to serve the greater good. The rest is up to the Universe, the greater mind.

—-There are really only 2 choices, choose fear or choose love. Then act accordingly. 

*What are your dreams like? 

Naomi: My dreams? Personal. 

Stormy: I’ve been having a lot of dreams I’m back in high school, maybe it’s because I miss my bffs and high school was the last time we were all together every single day !!

Allison: Dreamtime sometimes is very lucid. I have many mystical experiences whereby I am receiving some sort of spiritual training as a healer. Often times very clear messages come through or images but sometimes I don’t understand them. I find it exciting and fascinating so I am usually eager to sleep or meditate and fall into that beautiful space. At times, there are scenarios that play out in dreams where I am being tested on my abilities. As the dreamer in waking life and sleeptime I know that I can change something that seems scary and move away from it with my firm intention, thus harnessing my true power. 

– Most recently last week I had a lucid dream where I was floating down a dark and creepy landscape and I felt dark animals coming up from behind me as I looked back. As it was pulling me closer into a dark sort of tunnel landscape I didn’t like it and I knew I could change it. I said out loud “No, you have no power over me”. I then began floating backwards by a magnetic pull and the light changed from dark to golden yellow in my peripheral. Once it was all golden yellow light my body was flipped around to face the light and I felt I was in the presence of the Divine. I was floating in this light energy and I could feel my hands very significantly floating as if in a viscous sea and they were sort of moving up and down as if in waves. It was quite miraculous. The observer in me knew I could change the dream. These types of lucid dreams are so real and powerful I always remember them and don’t have to write them down. The “feelings” in my body are memorized.

As we make the shifts to creating and living fully within our embodied hearts intelligence,  I, Tonya, leave you with the immortal words of the late & ever so great Bob Marley: 

“One love, one heart… let’s get together and feel  all right”


Gratitude to our contributors:

Storm McLaughlin: http://www.youtube.com.channel/UCRVVubs4fi­_rxThtf_B_U5w?view_as=subscriber  Instagram: @stormymcl.ca

Allison Voth, honeyheartalli@gmail.com, Instagram: @honeyheart.ca Facebook: “Project Honey Heart” 

Naomi Chuah, BCST,  http://langleycraniosacral.com/

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