LomiLomi-Traditional Hawaiian Healing Massage

Tonia Godin Lomi Lomi Massage

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  1. Good day dear lady ❤ happy Sunday ❤
    If like to book a healing lomilomi traditional hawaiian massage for the special you offer please early this week if possible <3

    Please let me know how much it will be ❤

    Namaste Aloha and Mahalo

    1. Aloha! Freyja <3
      Tomorrow, Monday, Aug.28th, I have openings at Tidal Elements, 3410 31st avenue, Vernon. For an hour $89.00 (with $5.00 discount) , 90 minutes $125.00 (minus $5.00 discount) Times available are anywhere between 9:30am to 11:30, and 4pm up to finishing at 6:30pm.

      Much love
      Aloha Nui Loa, Tonya

  2. I had a LomiLomi treatment from Miss Tonya and from the moment she appeared in aspects of hawain
    It was like I and my ancestors were getting massage at the same time. I felt very relaxed and transported to a nameless place where there was only the wind and the waves and the sounds of a traditional healer/shaman chanting and invoking the healing energy of the Polynesian Spirits. It was a very immersive experience ! .. Thank you Tonya !

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