Birthing Doula and Post Natal Support

Birthing Doula

Looking for Birthing support and post partum support? Book a complimentary session with Tonya at or call #604-619-9583

As a Certified Doula, past career nurse and Reiki Doula, it is a joy to offer support during the birthing process.

  • information so that you can make the best informed choices when creating your birthing plan. 
  • hospital or home birth experience
  • optional pre-natal guided meditations offered in the comfort of your home (Tonya will travel to your location)
  • two 1 hour Reiki sessions as part of your package
  • bringing the sacredness back to birthing 

“I had the pleasure of having Tonya assist the birthing of my beautiful daughter. As a holistic practitioner I knew I wanted extra supports. Thank you so much Tonya for your calm presence “

Rebecca Derochier, Edmonton
Tonya Godin Birthing-Reiki Doula
Reiki Doula: Birthing Support

I’m so thankful to Tonya Godin for being such a strong support as my doula for my labor and deliveries. She shared so much knowledge and information with me throughout the last couple months of my pregnancy, that I used throughout my labors and made everything so much quicker and easier for me. People were amazed at how calm I was in labor, and it was definitely because of what she taught me. When I was in labor, she was there for me every step of the way. She knew my birth plan and helped to make sure things went the way I had planned. I was so out of it during my first labor that I could hardly talk or think. I had planned to have no pain medication or anything, but when offered a needle in my back, I was confused and almost said yes. Thankfully, Tonya stepped in to clarify with me what exactly was happening so I could understand and decline. She also helped me so much by suggesting different positions I could try to ease the pain and make things move more quickly.
She has such a calming and strengthening presence. She showed so much love and is such a caring strong lady. There is no one I’d rather have by my side through labor than Tonya Godin.

Holly Molina