Rainbow Warrior Women’s Gatherings

  • Women’s Medicine Bundle (talking Stick ceremony)

  • Guided Intention Meditation or Special Guest

  • Water Ceremony

  • Potluck/Closing hugs

    Tonya was called through Dream time messages to open this circle for our sisters (all ages 14 to elder)

  • . In this circle we share, whatever needs to come through, (as we hold the medicine bundle) is our Truth! Sometimes there are no words. Emotions come forward to be freed into the light. Experience Empowerment; “Coming home”. When it is your turn with then bundle know that this is safest place you will ever be. The sacred circle is open and your sisters are holding space. What happens in the circle , stay in the circle.
  • Tonya follows the energy, responding needs of the group on an intuitive level.

If you wish to be a special guest, offering your sacred gifts with the circle, email Tonya creation1love@gmail.com

(past gatherings we have had Womens sexual health, frequency upgrades, sound bowl healing. medicine bag making, Dream catchers, Connection with our Fire within, Belly dancing 101. intro to Pow Wow dancing/ Wow Glow workout, to mention a few….)

Upcoming Gatherings: (Fort Langley, Bc, Canada)

February 23 New Moon 2020

March 14th 2020

(let us know and we will hold you in intention if you are unable to attend body)

Birthing Support/ Reiki Doula