Hawaiian Traditional Healing: Heartworks LomiLomi & Laulima

What will this traditional massage do and feel like for me?

It’s a deeply transformational healing massage that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of you. Click here to read more

 Birthing Doula

What is a birthing doula?

A birthing doula is a woman who attends to you during the birthing process as a support. She is your advocate, your support and your go-to person when you have questions and concerns prior to or after the birthing of your little miracle. She supports your partner, your children and any others that may be present as your team. In the days of old, our Aunties, Grandmothers, Sisterhood provided this support and education.

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Women and their partners now are more and more seeking the assistance of trained professionals in the area of Women’s medicine, Women’s health, the Specialists of Birthing. Midwives, Birthing Doulas and Reiki Doulas, Pre natal Yoga and a variety of other supports are being offered by the “Sisterhood.”

As your Birthing Doula, I will arrange for pre-natal consultation and post-natal visits. I attend the entire birthing experience as your support, whether at home or in hospital setting. I am familiar with your birth plan and therefore, if at any time during your birthing you are asked to go against something that is against your plan, I will remind all present and you of your desires and wishes.

I am well versed in the healing arts, meditation, and am a non practicing nurse. My training was through the Wise Woman Way of Birthing, Gloria Lemay.

I offer Pre-natal Meditation and Reiki to promote ease, peaceful mind & decrease and discomfort during the later stages of pregnancy.

Remember You and your Beautiful Baby Can do This!! Generations of Grandmothers stand strong behind you since the Dawn of Time xo

Reiki-Traditional Japanese Energy Medicine

What will this traditional energy medicine do and feel like for me?

Reiki is a gentle restorative form of alternative medicine that complements all forms of medical practices. During a session, you are fully clothed on the Reiki table (which is very much like a massage table). Sometimes you are covered with a blanket for added comfort. It silences the mind and some people find that they fall into a deep state of meditation, while all pains and tensions begin to melt away. Click here to read more


Body Focusing-Council

What can I expect during a session?

You will be seated during the session across or beside the practitioner. The practitioner will begin with a short mindful meditation, facilitating you to be in the present moment. You will then begin a journey within yourself… Click here to read more