Reiki, LomiLomi Massage & Doula


What will this traditional energy medicine do and feel like for me?

Reiki is a gentle restorative form of alternative medicine that complements all forms of medical practices. Reiki silences the mind and some people find that they fall into a deep state of meditation, while all pains and tensions begin to melt away. Click here to read more

Uchite and Nadate Chiryo Ho-Reiki technique

Add onto the end of your Reiki session or Request as a separate service.

What are these traditional Reiki techniques?

Uchite Chiryo Ho and Nadate Chiryo Ho are traditional healing with Reiki techniques. The client stands, fully clothed, preferably facing an open window or door. The Reiki Practitioner uses Reiki to “brush off” (Nadate Chiryo Ho) to remove negative/stuck/stagnant energy using a gentle yet firm stoke from the top of their shoulders to their feet. The entire body is treated from the left side around is brushed off. To complete the energy clearing Uchite Chiryo Ho is applied: Patting (firm) motions with the Practitioners open hand are applied from top to bottom, shoulders to ankles. 2 sides (left and right) of the body are completed and the back and thighs/calves.

The entire process takes all of 15 minutes. It is highly invigorating and promotes an overall peaceful feeling for the individual.

Zenshin Ketukei Kokan Ho-Reiki technique

What is this Zenshin Ketukei Kokan Ho Technique and what are its benefits?

“Traditional Reiki Finish” or “nerve stroke”; A Lymphatic system and Blood circulation system purifier, this is an amazing session. The client feels awake, clear and rejuvenated while experiencing a deep sense of peacefulness.
These techniques cleanse the body & blood of toxins. The body’s meridians are stimulated, bringing fresh blood into the area. By bringing fresh blood into the area, healing is more rapid. Chi energy is stimulated, the immune system is boosted and overall detoxification process is activated.
These techniques involve moving the hands along the back and down the legs rather than just the laying of hands.

Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage 

I am deeply honoured to be a practitioner of the Heart Works lineage from our Island of Maui. A deeply restorative form of massage it is delivered in long flowing, rhythmical movements. This is a Loving heart-centered approach to healing! This beautiful transformational traditional massage, encompasses your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual body. Renewing and rejuvenating!

Birthing Doula

Looking for Birthing support and post partum support?

As a Certified Doula, past career nurse and Reiki Doula, it is a joy to offer support during the birthing process.

  • information
  • pre-natal meditation/mindfulness in your home
  • reiki prior and during birthing
  • promotion of calm easy going atmosphere supported and held-up in all 4 directions (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Bringing the sacredness back to birthing!