Body Focusing-Council

Body Focusing-Council

What can I expect during a session?

You will be seated during the session across or beside the practitioner. The practitioner will begin with a short mindful meditation, facilitating you to be in the present moment. You will then begin a journey within yourself. The practitioner will walk with you in a ‘journey of the road map’ of your body. Our bodies talk if we let them and some people are astounded at the powerful, often life changing messages that they receive from their own bodies during a session. Some have recovered lost memories, recovered the ability to dream again and released old pain.

What can I expect with Tonya as my Body Focusing Practitioner?

With Tonya’s loving heart she will guide you through an entire session and bring you back to yourself. Tonya listens to you, your bodies stories, and your ancestor’s stories as she “walks” alongside you bearing witness, honouring each moment of your internal journey. As you and she journey alongside one another, all that is needed to be freed and released is done so with gentleness and strength. She received long ago in ceremony, that “her gentleness is her strength”. She keeps a tether to the present moment through her N’aumakua (ancestor-guides) to help bring you and her back into a rooted and grounded place in the present moment, before you leave your session.

What is Body focusing?

Body focusing is a body-centred and person-centred approach to healing allowing you total control of the pace and the direction of your healing journey. It is particularly effective in healing of trauma, re-birthing work, and womb healings and is extremely helpful when going through transitions in one’s life.  It is a humanistic, person-centred approach to healing, reflecting the core values of respect and non-interference. It is based on the knowledge that all is within us, we are the keys that unlock our doors and most importantly for bodywork is that our bodies hold our stories. The practitioner is a good witness, a good observer and is able to hold up a good mirror for your reflection to look back at you. Through this healing occurs on many levels, is multidimensional and multi layered and all encompassing.

Certified through the Justice Institute of BC in AFOT, Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma program.