Hawaiian Traditional Healing:

Hawaiian Traditional Healing: Heartworks LomiLomi & Laulima

What will this traditional massage do and feel like for me?

It’s a deeply transformational healing massage that encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of you. It completely renews and rejuvenates. Some people report feeling and looking younger, lighter and taller afterwards. The massage is given in fluid, rhythmic motion using the forearms as well as the hands. Some people have described this as feeling like gentle and sometimes soothingly powerful waves moving over and through the body.

It releases all forms of trauma, assists with transitions, and brings balance back into peoples lives through a loving heart-centered approach to healing. Welcome the Island waves of Aloha into your day!

E Komo Mai- welcome, welcome welcome!

Where did it originate and how does it work ?

Hawaiian LomiLomi massage is a part of Traditional Hawaiian medicine that was only passed down through family lines until the early 1970s. It was then that a few teachers began teaching this deeply transformational massage technique to non-Hawaiians. The popularity of this technique spread quickly and it now can be found practiced off-Island. Because LomiLomi was passed down in families, there are a few different of styles of this massage existing. One of these styles is Heartworks. It is with great honor and respect for this beautiful healing tradition that Aumakua Healing offers it here in the beautiful Okanagan region of BC, Fort Langley and Black Creek, Vancouver Island.

Heartworks comes from a great kahuna lineage on Maui through Kumu Sherman Raman das Dudoit. It flushes and relaxes the body using rhythm, breathwork and flow. The massage practitioner’s movements are all important to assisting the energy flow both within the practitioner and recipient, creating & maintaining the energy at a high level.

This combined with breathing techniques by the LomiLomi practitioner, assist the energy flow and transmutation of stuck energies, opening stuck channels of the Ki/Chi meridian system.

Like road maps of the body, our energy meridians form an intricate web of high ways and by ways throughout us both mentally, physically and spiritually. These roads become plugged and stagnant at certain roadblocks due to forms of stress.

The sharing of the breath, the essence of the Creator or universal energy, whatever name you like to give it, is an old Hawaiian custom greatly enhances flow once again. Coupled with the practitioner’s movements, the flow of body and flow in one’s life returns.