Sacred Circles:

“Tonya is life changing!!! My husband and I were approaching our 10year wedding anniversary when I met her. We’d known for a couple of years that we wanted to renew our vows but didn’t know quite what it would look like. When Tonya agreed to do this for us, we had NO idea what we were in for. The energy of this connected, powerful and loving woman is like no other that I have ever encountered- she is truly an angel living here on this earth. If you ever get the chance to work with her I promise you will be amazed, she is pure magic!”-Amanda Fraser,  August 2019

Holistic Counselling:

“For a long time I had hesitated to ask for help, not wanting to appear weak and vulnerable but you made me feel like I was talking to an old friend. I left with clarity, energy and sense of calm. Thank you.”
Henry Q., Vernon, BC December, 2018



Birthing support- “I had the pleasure of having Tonya assist the birthing of my beautiful daughter. As a holistic practitioner I knew I wanted extra supports. This is a wonderful article to educate couples who are going to experience birthing. Namaste!” Rebecca Derochier, Edmonton
I’m so thankful to Tonya Godin for being such a strong support as my doula for my labor and deliveries. She shared so much knowledge and information with me throughout the last couple months of my pregnancy, that I used throughout my labors and made everything so much quicker and easier for me. People were amazed at how calm I was in labor, and it was definitely because of what she taught me. When I was in labor, she was there for me every step of the way. She knew my birth plan and helped to make sure things went the way I had planned. I was so out of it during my first labor that I could hardly talk or think. I had planned to have no pain medication or anything, but when offered a needle in my back, I was confused and almost said yes. Thankfully, Tonya stepped in to clarify with me what exactly was happening so I could understand and decline. She also helped me so much by suggesting different positions I could try to ease the pain and make things move more quickly.
She has such a calming and strengthening presence. She showed so much love and is such a caring strong lady. There is no one I’d rather have by my side through labor than Tonya Godin.
Holly Molina
Family Birthing Support
Tonya was a wonderful presence throughout the labour and birth of our daughter, Jasper.
Her calming words of encouragement and use of Reiki and other comforting techniques were a blessing. I would highly recommend Tonya as a doula for anyone interested in achieving a natural, peaceful birth, or any birth for that matter! I am so grateful to have had her be part of my birth experience.
-Kat (and Tom), Langley, Bc


Thank you, Tonya, Your massage was so deeply healing! Please keep me posted whenever you come to the Okanagan. -Jolanda, 2019

Remembering my beautiful lomilomi session with Tonya Godin. Right from the moment I met her I felt Tonya truly “saw” me. That’s the best way I can describe it. She has this clarity and wisdom about her that tells me she’s reading me and what I need before I’m even on her table. It made me feel truly safe and at ease. The session, like I said was beautiful. Tonya sang during the treatment which I found so unique. She was fluid and flowing and very caring. I felt every move was especially for me. Great connection. I was sooo relaxed! After the massage I felt my body was able to rest and release whatever it did not need anymore on an energetic level. Thank you for the experience! Highly recommend booking with Tonya at Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studio

Tonia Godin Lomi Lomi Massage
LomiLomi-Traditional Hawaiian Healing Massage

Good Morning Ms Tonya,
Thank you , thank you, thank you ! Words alone cannot express the Gratitude I feel for the gift you bestowed upon me. To you and your ancestors my heart felt thank you. Two consecutive pain free days and renewed energy. Wow!!
Namaste -Garry 2015


Ms. Tonya walks the walk before she talks the talk. I will be forever grateful for her amazing ability to share her gifts with all those with whom she comes in contact. She is a true Healer and I would recommend her classes and healing sessions to everyone. -Karl Jensen 2016

An hour with Ms. Tonya is a life changing experience. She has is beautiful soul with an amazing gift. I took her Reiki (Level 1) course and found it was very easy to learn as well as a comfortable environment. I look forward to continuing my Rei Ju (attunments) as well as growing spiritually with her as my mentor. I only hope to one day be as gifted as her. -Kelly Moonie nov.25 2015

Miss Tonya is a wonderful healer. She has a diverse background that ranges from martial arts to physical healing. She is very honest and goes out of her way to ensure what her client needs. Her passion for human beings and the well-being of others makes her stand out a whole lot in the industry. She has also done medicine work in South Korea and Hawaii. This international sensation has got a heart of gold and does her work with love. She is strongly recommended. -Ademecan vanner august 2016

Treatment After Car Accident/Gifted Reiki Instructor/ Sep 01, 2016 By: Anonymous
I found Tonya through the CRA website. My only goal was to gain Level 1 Reiki certification. The class was magic. She is such an energetic being and was able to help me realize my gifts! I also took level 2 Reiki with her and also began going to her for treatments after a car accident (I was frustrated with ICBC and was struggling with the time/money/childcare required for the physio appointments). I noticed very early on that I was able to use my body again and start back into physical activities. After a year of Reiki, I have begun the physio excercises again and it is a much smoother process this time ’round.

“So amazing meeting you dear Tonya. Looking in your eyes I lost myself and found all the rest.” Much Love & Light, Jan Kasparec http://jankasparec.com/