Rainbow Warrior Womens’ Gatherings

New moon/Full moon Gatherings

“Your Gentleness is your Strength” When women gather a certain medicine of transformation is created across all ways and all times, like no other force in the face of existence. We are the Lifegivers and the nurturers of existence. Our energy vibrates and hums with Mother Earths’ core. The gathering is all about co-creation, unity, healing, re-birthing and transformation. Empowering expression of self. And love, heart forward! Me Ke Aloha!

Circle opening with Spirit stick (talking stick) ceremony


Every Gathering brings in a new co-facilitator with gifts and wisdom to share.By Donation suggested minimum $20.00Heart Centered All Women Warriors..Maiden, Mother to ElderTidal Elements
3410B 31st Avenue, Vernon250-306-9283

Festivals and Events:

Aumakua Healing takes part in many Community Centered Activities and Projects. Stay Tuned! 

Open Reiki Share Events:

Location: Tidal Elements workshop space, Vernon
3410B 31st street. The brown wood door, across from the Safeway parking lot.Come and enjoy Peace and relaxation and community connection as you learn about traditional Japanese Reiki.
Community connection and care.This complimentary Healing modality is widely sought out as a wonderful addition to your tools for wellness and relaxation. This is a BY DONATION EVENT 

Beneficial uses:

  • Pre-natal Wellness
  • Meditation Practice
  • Anxiety & Insomnia
  • Balancing Pain management
  • Chronic and acute illness (including cancer)


Bring your curiosity and leave with a smile
and blissful feeling!
( If you have never experienced Reiki before this is a perfect intro. If you are a practitioner or Teacher of any lineage and wish to connect, this also perfect.)Invite friends and family!