Media & Publications

Aumakua Healing is featured in the following podcasts, media and publications:

Featured Speaker – Reiki Rays University:
Reiki Healing Summit Spring 2018
‘Reiki and Womb Healings’

Guest – Voice America & BBS Radio with
Paula Vail of Why I’m So Happy  BBS Radio:

Reiki and Balanced Birthing
Reiki Integration and Frequency Upgrades

Repeat guest – Tyhson Banighen’s Podcast Wellness Show:
TWS Episode 152: Tonya Godin: Healing and Energy Through the Arts

Reiki News Magazine:
Spring 2014 ‘Birthing Our Relations’ by Tonya McLaughlin
Fall 2017 ‘Wholistic Teaching’ by Tonya McLaughlin

Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine

New Agora

(One of my all time favorites! Well sourced, shift the paradigm publication!)